Harry The Potter

Store Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm, Sun 12pm-5pm • Location: 4007-B Belle Terre Blvd, Myrtle Beach SC 29579 • 843-236-3009


How it Works

Painting with us is relaxing, fun, AND super easy – we will walk you through the process. There are only a few steps to creating your masterpiece:

1. Choose Your Piece

This is the most difficult part as we have over 1,000 pieces of constantly changing and unique pieces to choose from (you will have to come back multiple times to paint all the neat things you will want). All you pay is the price of the piece (prices start at $12 and go up depending on the size/design of the piece) plus sales tax (price includes pottery, under-glaze, over-glaze, firing, various tools to assist you in your creative process, studio time, etc.). All pottery is food-safe (you can eat/drink) and outdoor-safe (you can place outside). Hot/cold drinks (coffees, teas, hot chocolate/cider, sodas, water, juice boxes) and snacks (fresh popcorn, cookies, etc.) are available for your added enjoyment for only $1 each.

2. Choose Your Colors

Select from over 50 colors (including some really pretty specialty colors) to create your masterpiece! If you run out of paint we will refill as needed – no extra charge.

how it works

3. Design Your Piece

You are welcome to use the Customer Center (no extra charges) that is filled with over 1,000 stencils, paint pens, pencils, erasers, paper, napkins, etc. to assist you in creating your masterpiece. Not all pieces need designs as they are designed for you - or – may be better left as is; this is your choice.

how it works

4. Paint

Paint the pottery as you see fit in our climate-controlled studio, there are no rules – go ahead, make a purple pig with orange polka dots! You will give the piece multiple coats of color before autographing/dating the masterpiece.

how it works

5. Glaze and Firing

After you've finished painting your piece(s) you will leave them with us and we will apply an over-glaze and fire it in our kilns! Then it will transition from “bisque” to an awesome “ceramic.”

how it works

6. Pick Up or Shipping

When you finish painting and check out, we will tell you when your pottery will be ready for pick up. Depending on the day you come in and the time of year – this could be anywhere from 1 to 6 days. Traveling? NO worries – we ship!!!

how it works

Not Finished? If you need to leave for another activity, we are closing, etc. – no need to rush. For unfinished work, you just check out and let us know you need more time. We will place your item on the "hold" table for you. When you come back (within 30 days) we will refill your paints and you can continue on your creation. The only charge is a $1.00 fee to refresh your paints – it is like painting for free!