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Social Groups

With Social Groups there are two distinct choices:

Option 1: We come to you! We come to your location with all the needed supplies and an item for each painter to paint! We stay for up to 2 hours to teach and/or assist. When everyone is finished we take the masterpieces back to our studio to be glazed and fired. WHen the pieces are ready, we deliver them back to you! Cost: a $25 fee (travel, packing/loading supplies/pottery, delivery of finished product, assistance during event) plus the cost of the pottery chosen - prices start at $12/piece.

Option 2: You come to us! Your group comes to our studio where the painters can choose the item they'd like to paint from our shelves (over 1,000 items to choose from )! We teach and/or assist people while they're painting. Event is for up to 2 hours. You have full access to all our creative tools. Cost: the cost of the pottery chosen - prices start at $12/piece.

We can also create a custom package just for your needs! Simply call us with what you need and we'll work with you to achieve your results.

social group members painting pottery at Harry The Potter in Myrtle Beach, SC